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Theme Garden Lists
& Plant Sale Handouts
Teaching Herb Garden
Culinary-Top 10
Drought Tolerant
Herbs for Grilling
Herbs for Pizza
Tea Theme Garden
Dooryard Garden 
Visit The National Herb Garden in Washington, D.C.
A colonial theme garden
Teaching Herb Garden
Guide to the Teaching Herb Garden
Ginkgo biloba leaf
Dye Garden   
Teaching Herb Garden theme beds
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Salvia Collection 
Native Plants
Culinary Plants
Perennial Border
Medicinal Plants
Colonial Plants
Fragrance - to be added
and Violets
The Edible Garden became a Tea Garden in 2018.
Rose Collection
Featured in 2004; you'll still find Alliums in different parts of the garden.
Garden Guide
Edible Garden
Bay Laurel, Laurus nobilis
Photo by R. Haavisto
Herb of the Year
2002   Echinacea
2003   Basil
2004   Garlic
2006   Scented Geraniums
2007   Lemon Balm
Herb of the Year List
Lemon Balm & All Things Lemon
2008   Calendula
2009   Bay Laurel
2011   Horseradish
Rosemary Care -Texas Potting 
Plant Specific
Still Room
2010 Flower Show Exhibit
Propagating Herbs
2011 Flower Show Exhibit
Flower Show Exhibit 2017

Tea Garden Plants
Our garden is constantly evolving and changing, and the plants listed here reflect some of the plants in the garden.