Echinacea 2002 Herb of the Year
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The International Herb Association (IHA) recently announced its 2002 selection of the Herb of the Year. The tradition of identifying the herb of the year began in 1995 as a means to recognize the significant contribution that herbs make in our daily lives. IHA promotes the Herb of the Year during National Herb Week, scheduled for May 5-11, 2002.  

The 2002 Herb of the Year is Echinacea. Although Echinacea's recognition has come as a consequence of its medicinal plant qualities, gardeners throughout the world also treasure its beauty and cultivation value in perennial and wildflower beds. 

To promote this year's Herb of the Year, IHA has prepared Echinacea information packets which are available for purchase online through the IHA website at For more information on Herb of the Year, contact the IHA office at 757-497-4143 or write to 4456 Corporation Lane, #120, Virginia Beach, VA  23462. 
Source: The Herb Society of America Newsletter, vol. 6 (1), Spring 2002. Posted with permission.
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