Wintering Rosemary inside
SUCCESS WITH ROSEMARY              By Deb Peterson
These Instructions also apply to Lavender and  Cyclamen

How To Get Rosemary and other Mediterranean Plants Through The Winter

1. Put it out side in the garden as soon as night-time temperatures stabilize at 45 degrees F. and don't bring it indoors too early.   It can withstand frost. (Don't let the pot freeze in the ground so you can't dig it out.)

2. Bring in to the coolest part of the house.  Rosemary is happy with night time temperatures in the fifties or even the forties.

3. Give it as much light as possible.

4."A DRY ROSEMARY IS A DEAD ROSEMARY." Don't let it dry out, but don't keep it too wet. Texas potting is the secret to this dilemma. (It is remarkably drought tolerant in summer in the garden.)

5. If your rosemary should develop powdery mildew.  Spray lightly with 1Tbl. alcohol to cup of water.  Give it a chill outside on a warm winter day.. Powdery mildew is due to lack of air circulation.

You will need;
1. Steak or roast carving fork (2 prongs)
2. A bag of perlite
3. Appropriate sized plastic pots  
4. A source for flame

    A. With the steak fork make a double row of holes around the bottom of the pot.
    B. Make another row of holes just below the watering lip.
    C. Put the perlite in the bottom of the pot to just cover the double holes around the bottom.
    D. Pot up your plant with regular potting soil.  Water well.
    E. Put the potted plants in a water tight container and fill the container to any height to just above the bottom row of holes.  (This is a great way to leave plants when you travel.)