2007 Herb of the Year
Lemon Balm
  Melissa officinalis
Balm Claret Cup
1 bottle light red wine
1 sprig fresh lemon balm
3 or 4 fresh borage leaves
1 orange, sliced
½ cucumber, sliced thickly
1 oz white sugar
1 shot brandy
2 cups soda water
Mix the ingredients together in an earthenware, ceramic or glass jug (traditionally, with a silver spoon). Chill in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, and add 2 cups soda water and ice before serving.
Recipe credit: Mastering Herbalism, Paul Huson, Stein & Day, 1975; ISBN 0-8128-1847-4

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Take of the fresh leaves of balm, 8 ounces; lemon peel bruised, 4 ounces; nutmegs and  caraway seeds, of each  2 ounces; cloves, cinnamon and angelica root, of each 1 ounce. Distil [sic] all together with a quart of brandy. It must be well preserved in bottles with ground glass stoppers.

Source: Herbal Delights: Tisanes, Syrups, Confections, Electuaries, Robs, Juleps, Vinegars and Conserves by Mrs. C.F. Leyel, Boston, 1987 reprint (originally published in 1937).

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Compound Spirit of Balm