Betsy Williams

Herbal Weddings: Old Traditions, Modern Uses
An herbal wedding is the essence of romance! The perfumed air, the delightful colors and the ancient symbolism of the plants blend to create a truly magical day. The program includes the stories and traditions of wedding herbs and the language of flowers, cultural directions for growing the herbs, garden design suggestions and how to use herbs and herbal flowers creatively in wedding flowers, food and drink.

Betsy Williams teaches, lectures and writes about living with herbs and flowers.

A life long gardener, herb grower and cook, Betsy trained as a florist in Boston and England. She combines her floral, gardening and cooking skills with an extensive knowledge of history, plant lore and seasonal celebrations. An entertaining lecturer, she weaves stories and legends throughout her informative talks and demonstrations.

Her gardens, floral work and retail shop have been featured in many books, national magazines and newspapers, including the New York TimesThe American Gardener, Victoria, Better Homes and Gardens, Country Living Gardner, Colonial Homes, the Herb Companion and Traditional Homes.

Betsy is the author of articles and books on the uses and stories of herbs and flowers: Potpourri and Fragrant Crafts published by Readers Digest and The Little Book Series published by The Proper Season Press. Her latest book is Are There Fairies at the Bottom of Your Garden? Growing up Green with the Fairies. She is currently working on a third edition of her herb cookbook, Mrs. Thrift Cooks.

Celebrating Herbs!

The New England Unit of The Herb Society of America, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) educational organization. Proceeds from this fund-raising event will be used to  help support educational projects.

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