The Story of Perfume - Edwin Morris
Edwin Morris will take us on a journey through time to explore the fascinating story of perfume. From Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt who commissioned the world's first botanical mission in search of frankincense and myrrh, to the Court of Louis XIV and beyond, we will investigate how modern perfumery developed. The format of the lecture will consist of using visual images bolstered by samples of the fragrances that have featured largely (and still do) in the story of perfume.

About Edwin Morris:  A graduate of Columbia University with a BS and MA in Asian Intellectual History, Edwin Morris has been especially interested in Chinese herbal medicine and gardens. He teaches on Chinese herbs and on fragrance at the NY Botanical Garden, and is a consultant to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He is the author of Gardens of China: History, Art and Meaning; Fragrance: The Story of Perfume from Cleopatra to Chanel; and Scents of Time: The Story of Perfume from Ancient Egypt to the 21st Century.

The Therapy of Aroma - Dr. Art Tucker
Scientific research in the past decade has generally supported the folklore of the beneficial effects of essential oils in both inhalation and massage. Through a power point presentation and a sampling of oils, Art Tucker will discuss the latest research on the effects of selected oils. Learn which herbs have stimulating effects, which reduce headaches or blood pressure, which promote sleep and which improves ones test performance. Art will also discuss cautions that must be taken on the proper use of these oils.

About Art Tucker: Dr. Art Tucker, Research Professor of Agriculture and Natural Resources and Co-Director of the Claude E. Phillips Herbarium at Delaware State University, is a former Board member of The Herb Society of America and currently serves on the Board of the International Herb Association. Art is a founder of the Delaware Herb Growers & Marketers Association and has co-authored The Big Book of Herbs (Interweave, 2000) and Herbs of Commerce (AHPA, 2000). In June, 2004, he received the Gertrude B. Foster Award for Excellence in Herbal Literature from The Herb Society of America. Art’s particular research interests are in plants of flavor, fragrance and medicine.

Creating a Garden of Fragrance - Holly Shimizu
Holly Shimizu’s presentation will focus on the horticultural aspects of fragrance, what to grow and where, how to blend and combine, as well as specific aspects of the essential fragrant garden collection.

About Holly Shimizu: An internationally recognized horticulturist, Holly Shimizu is currently Executive Director of The United States Botanic Garden on the National Mall in Washington, DC. She lectures and leads plant tours in many parts of the world. Holly has been interested in herbs since her student days when she was a gardener in England. She met her husband, Osamu, a landscape designer, while they were both working in Europe. Together, they have created an oasis in their home garden in Glen Echo, Maryland.

Fragrance: History, Mystery & Design
An educational and entertaining Herbal Symposium
This event is being co-sponsored by The Massachusetts Horticultural Society (MHS) and The New England Unit of The Herb Society of America (HSA).

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